Watch: First-timer catches three sturgeon through the ice

Avid angler shares video of his successful introduction to targeting lake sturgeon on the St. Croix.




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Via Wide Open Water:

Ever been curious what it’s like to spend the night in a shack on Lake St. Croix, dangling a fishing line through a hole in the ice, hoping a lake sturgeon will bite? The below video gives a pretty good idea.

YouTuber Wide Open Water says he hiked two miles on the ice to reach this fishing spot, dragging his shelter and all his gear, and was rewarded with three beautiful fish caught and released. This was his first time ice-fishing for sturgeon, and the work seemed to be worth it.

“This was my first time targeting sturgeon and I was lucky enough to land 3! The biggest of the night was 50 inches! I was also using my livescope which was fun being able to see these giant fish below me!”

In addition to the three fish, he managed to create a high-quality video at the same time.


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Watch: First-timer catches three sturgeon through the ice