River Goods: The wonders of a watershed

The St. Croix River and its tributaries connect a wide and wonderful region.




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The St. Croix River is much more than the single stream that flows about 170 miles from Solon Springs to Prescott. The river collects water from across 7,700 square miles — about the same size as New Jersey. It’s a wild and watery region full of beautiful lakes and rivers.

From Mora, Minn. in the western watershed to Cable, Wis. in the east, the St. Croix River watershed is a fascinating region spread across two states.

St. Croix 360’s map of the watershed is suitable for hanging on the wall of your home or cabin. It’s a natural conversation starter, and endlessly interesting. It includes all the major tributaries, large lakes, and communities, as well as the surrounding waters (like Lake Superior and Mille Lacs) that gives the viewer a true sense of scale.

We had a couple watershed maps on display at the Marine Mills Folk School’s Fall Festival last weekend. I was once again reminded how much everyone enjoys mentally exploring the region. There were many conversations about connections — between people, water, and the land. Get your framed map here.


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  1. Lisa l West Avatar
    Lisa l West

    I appreciate the fact the support for the National scenic river. The story you wrote about the developers in St Croix falls has now through retaliation from the citys downfall has cost us a terrible trail of destruction on the banks of the once beautiful St Croix River. You should do a follow up on that story . It is unrecognizable.



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River Goods: The wonders of a watershed