Stillwater police alarmed by visitors venturing onto river ice

Crowds of people coming for winter events are walking on dangerous parts of frozen river.




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People walk on the St. Croix River ice in Stillwater during the Fire & Ice event. (Photo courtesy Robin Anthony via Stillwater Police Department)

With thousands of people visiting Stillwater over recent weekends for special events in Lowell Park, some have started walking on the frozen St. Croix River. Officials want them to stop.

The police department recently requested people stay off the ice.

Hello everyone, this is just a friendly reminder to please, stay off the ice on the St. Croix river in the area of downtown Stillwater. With many winter events in town recently, it may be tempting to venture out onto the ice for a photo opportunity or to check out the wildlife.

Please remember however that there is current under the ice that makes it very unsafe to walk on, especially in the area of the lift bridge. Each year it seems we always have some issue with thin ice, and we don’t want to see anyone get hurt. Thank you!

A St. Croix 360 correspondent reported at least half a dozen children playing on the ice under the Lift Bridge last Saturday, Jan. 29.

The Pioneer Press reports that people have been seen taking selfies next to Thin Ice signs, and other photos on social media show people on the edge of the ice where it is open by the Mulberry Point storm sewer discharge.

Authorities can probably not prohibit people from getting on the ice, because it’s accessing public water from a public park. But the city’s “friendly reminder” is intended to keep visitors safe — and protect the first responders who would put their own lives in danger to rescue them.


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2 responses to “Stillwater police alarmed by visitors venturing onto river ice”

  1. Cathy McMahon Avatar
    Cathy McMahon

    When people decide to host and advertise an event along the river, common sense says they bear some responsibility to encourage safe behavior.

    1. Mark Hove Avatar
      Mark Hove

      Good point, Cathy


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Stillwater police alarmed by visitors venturing onto river ice