Photos: ‘Waterfall’ on the river

Autumn is awe-inspiring on the St. Croix.




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On the water

The river level is low. The water is cool. The colors are countless.

Passing through

My yard has been busy with birds. Many species are migrating south for the winter, while other new arrivals will stick around for the season.

They often are so busy chasing rivals away from the birdfeeder, nobody gets to eat. There’s a metaphor there.

Cold-blooded creatures

This dragonfly was dying at the end of its brief airborne adult life. The snake will find somewhere warm to wait out winter.

Bald eagle bonanza

One day on the river, it seemed like eagles were everywhere. I think most of them were paired up. They were moving constantly, new to the territory, bumping into each other’s comfort zones.

Final look

Log House Landing road offers not only a nice access to the river, but a beautiful drive up the bluff.

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3 responses to “Photos: ‘Waterfall’ on the river”

  1. Allison Mcginnis Avatar
    Allison Mcginnis

    Great photos Greg! I cant get over all the interesting critters I saw this year on the river especially since it’s been so low.

  2. Lowell Thompson Avatar
    Lowell Thompson

    Where is log house landing?

    1. Greg Seitz Avatar

      Scandia. Couple miles upriver from William O’Brien State Park.


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Photos: ‘Waterfall’ on the river