Halfway to the headwaters

Seven contributors this week helped get St. Croix 360 to an exciting milestone in our fundraising campaign.




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Thank you to the 7 people who contributed this week!

The St. Croix River between Thayers and Riverside Landings in northern Wisconsin is a place of peace and joy. The water is mostly calm, the banks are wild.

This is the part of the river we reached this week in our fundraising campaign. We are now halfway to the finish line.

I remember a riffle on this stretch that I paddled through one July day. Cedar waxwings were swooping over the river, gobbling up bugs hatching from the swift, rocky water. The birds ignored me as I paddled under their acrobatics.

Sometimes, the St. Croix’s wonders are so simple, but still sublime.

We’re very excited to mark this week’s milestone.

Thank you to the 40 generous people who have supported St. Croix 360 since July 14. It’s been amazing to see how much our readers care about river stories. We are very grateful.

Support from readers lets us keep exploring and sharing with you more about this incredible river.

There are stories around every bend of the St. Croix River, including this special stretch:

  • It is part of the homeland of the St. Croix Chippewa Tribe.
  • The Upper Tamarack River flows in from its boggy headwaters.
  • St. Croix State Forest provides vast tracts of wild lands.
  • It’s here that a 2011 windstorm blew down 97,000 acres of trees.

When you support St. Croix 360, you will make it possible to keep telling more stories from up and down the river.

We now hope we can make it the rest of the way to our goal. We still need your help.

Please contribute today. Thank you!


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Halfway to the headwaters