New Richmond high school students solve clues, find nature preserve medallion

A pair of seniors figured out how to get out of the house, explore nature, and earn a cash prize.




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Via the Star Prairie Community Land Trust:

Medallion hunt winners Mandy Dolezal and Joseph Charbonneau. (Photo courtesy Alaina Fedie)

Congratulations to this year’s McMurtrie Medallion Hunt winners, Mandy Dolezal and Joseph Charbonneau! Mandy and Joseph, seniors at New Richmond High School, were excited for the chance to leave the house, explore a local preserve, and win $300.

Not daunted by determining how much CO2 is sequestered by the property or finding an orb-weaver in its web, Mandy and Joseph worked through each challenge and identified new species for the McMurtrie Preserve iNaturalist Project.

They are our 2020 “super sleuths” and found the medallion in record time. 

Even though the medallion is gone, please explore the preserve until May 31. You can contribute to our iNaturalist Project while you’re there! 

The McMurtrie Preserve is a 63-acre property in Star Prairie, Wisconsin. It’s open to public each May and available to Star Prairie Land Preservation Trust members throughout the year. If you’re interested in becoming a SPLPT member or learning more, visit our webpage.