Star Prairie medallion hunt invites sleuths to explore nature preserve

Escape room meets nature walk in this opportunity to visit a unique place and possibly win a cash prize.




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Via the Star Prairie Land Trust:

The Star Prairie Land Trust is pleased to announce the 2019 Medallion Hunt on its McMurtrie Preserve in Star Prairie, Wisc. The contest will encourage participants to enjoy the St. Croix River watershed by exploring this corner of it on Cedar Lake.

The first clues will be posted on Monday, May 4. The McMurtrie Preserve is located at 2368 County Hwy M, Star Prairie, WI 54026.

This year’s Medallion Hunt is set up like an Escape Room meets a nature walk. It’s the Escape to McMurtrie Nature Preserve! Clues will lead you to locations around the preserve to help you explore the property.

There’s a medallion hidden on the property. That’s what you’re after. A total of 12 clues will lead you to new locations in the woods. Each location gives you more information that you’ll need to find and unlock the medallion.

You’ll learn about nature and the history of the property at guide posts you see in the Trail Guide. This is an exclusive offer to visit the McMurtrie property during the month of May, typically the property is only open to members. We hope you’ll enjoy this month-long experience.

The McMurtrie Preserve is a 63-acre tract of land with 1,400 feet of shoreline on the southeast shore of Cedar Lake. It contains a diversity of wildlife habitat including wetlands, hardwoods, oak savannah, and pine plantations. Cedar Lake’s outlet stream winds through the property on its way to the Apple River.

Map of McMurtrie Nature Preserve

Unlocking the medallion will score you $300 if you’re a member or $200 if you’re not. To be eligible for membership earnings, you must be a member or become one by May 10th. Join here!

Nine a.m. each Monday in May, a clue sheet will be published online. Three clue sheets each have four puzzles. They require a combination of codebreaking, cartography, cryptography, cruciverbalism, and creative googling. Since we live in the age of smart phones, each clue is “Google-proof” and also “Google-friendly.”

To get considered for a $50 Amazon gift card, you can log on each week and submit that week’s answers. A correct answer will enter you into the pool. (3 weeks means 3 chances to win!)

Clues will be posted on this article, and on the McMurtrie Medallion Hunt website.