North Hudson boat landing closed on weekends due to conflict with neighbors

Village officials announced the road to the landing will remain closed until a solution is found for dangerous activities and noise.




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North Hudson Ferry Beach Landing (Photo by Andrew Hetchler‎)

The road to Ferry Landing Beach in North Hudson is closed to vehicle traffic every weekend, Friday to Sunday, for the foreseeable future. The move comes after complaints about bad behavior at the beach and boat landing.

In March, neighbor Kevin Hustad told the Park Board that noise, dangerous watercraft operation, and offensive actions were a continuing problem, including persistent violations of a 2017 village ordinance intended decrease noise on and near the river.

“He said that the beach has turned into a clubhouse for a jet ski group; they park their vehicles on the beach, and they are rude and try to intimidate residents,” according to meeting minutes.

The village passed an ordinance in 2017 that placed new rules on the beach to address the problems. It included placing buoys to mark a dedicated swimming area, and prohibit gas cans.

Representatives of the Twin Cities Jet Ski club spoke to the board after the ordinance was passed, complaining they had not been consulted. Molnann Men of Forest Lake, Minn. and Cory Proell of Big Lake, Minn. told members they try to take care of the beach.

“Men stated that he and his group utilize the boat ramp at Ferry Landing Park,” meeting minutes state. “They take pride in keeping the beach area picked up and helping boaters and swimmers when needed. He and Proell are here to show that they care about the well-being of the park and the perception of their club.”

KSTP reports that other violations include using banned gas containers on the water, boats and jet skis getting too close to swimmers, and parking problems.

“We’ve tried a lot of different things but so far nothing has worked,” said Wekkin, about seeking a solution.

The village is seeking to hire another police officer, which may make more patrols possible in the future. It is also asking citizens to send in ideas for solving the problem. Contact village president Stan Wekkin at 715-386-2078 or

KSTP reported on a community meeting held yesterday in which residents voiced their opinions on the closure:


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One response to “North Hudson boat landing closed on weekends due to conflict with neighbors”

  1. Kato Avatar

    Why would a Mn. jet ski club be consulted on a village problem when that club is breaking the law and harassing local residents? Isn’t Mn. the land of 10,000 lakes? There are boat launches on the Mn. side they can use those if they are so respectful. Seems to me they are trying to get away with behavior that would not be tolerated elsewhere


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North Hudson boat landing closed on weekends due to conflict with neighbors