Photos and Video Show Multiple Invasive Carp Caught in Bayport

Anglers hooked into at least a few of the big, ugly fish near the Xcel Energy power plant in recent days.




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Several invasive bighead carp were caught in the St. Croix River at Bayport over the weekend. The National Park Service has confirmed the news and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is planning to officially announce it as soon as tomorrow.

The bighead species are not the variety that infamously leap out of the water, but can still devastate fishing and river ecology.

Videos and photos posted on social media show anglers fishing from shore near the Allen S. King Power Plant in Bayport catching multiple non-native fish. Warning: the videos contain NSFW language.

Thank you to Paul Earney at St. Croix River Fishing for bringing attention to these recent reports. On Facebook, Paul wrote, “This is devastating news for anglers and fans of the St. Croix River.” In the comments on this Facebook post, more anglers offer eyewitness reports of the fish being caught.

In an email, St. Croix River fishing guide Brian Klawitter wrote, “It’s certainly not good news but it’s not the end of the world as we know it either. Please keep in mind how bad the zebra mussels were going to be for the St Croix and other rivers… I think most of us have known they have been here all along but not in any breeding quantity.”

The Minnesota DNR recently announced the publication of a draft Invasive Carp Action Plan. Public feedback was accepted last month, and the plan is moving ahead. The St. Croix River Association is working on a St. Croix River-specific plan. A recent article from the Osceola Sun covered the project.


6 responses to “Photos and Video Show Multiple Invasive Carp Caught in Bayport”

  1. tuseng Avatar

    it’s great to be informed about these species and their travel, but don’t forget to mention the illegal fishing methods used. Treble hook and egg sinkers – they were snagging. regardless of the fish it still illegal to snag in the state of mn. pathetic fisherman either way. FYI I was the boat in the back watchin their illegal fishing methods.

    1. JimZ Avatar

      I was one of the spectators watching as these kids snagged the Asian Carp in. I definitely don’t agree with their practice either. But the way I look at this, there is one less invasive fish out of our rivers.

      @tuseng I remember seeing you across the bay. There were two of you in your boat! I even remember one of you guys getting off your boat on the other side to fish on the shore. If I am not mistaken, Excel allows only the one side for fishing. The place you were at was excel owned and not open to fishing!

      Talking about breaking laws! Trespassing seems to be a very common problem these days!

      1. tuseng Avatar

        lol, funny guy ^ trespassing nothing on boat.

    2. sengtu Avatar

      yo pics of the boat or it didn’t happen

    3. noah dammer Avatar
      noah dammer

      They were snagging for shad (bait fish)

  2. Vinny Avatar

    In the UK we spend money putting
    carp IN OUR LAKES!!


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Photos and Video Show Multiple Invasive Carp Caught in Bayport