Video: Kayaking on the Snow-Covered Namekagon River

Hearty paddlers headed out on the river after snowstorm.




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A foot of snow fell on the Namekagon River (the St. Croix’s biggest tributary) in early May 2013. So Clint Wiedholz and two friends decided it was a good time to go for a paddle.

Clint, who runs Chippewa Flowage Retreat near Hayward, recently posted the below video of the outing, with the trees on the bank frosted and the water black and silver. Thanks for sharing!



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  1. Brad Bjorklund Avatar
    Brad Bjorklund

    At least every other year I kayak down most of the length of the Lower Tamarack River into the St Croix River through the upper reaches of the St Croix State Park and sometimes down to Taylors Falls during the spring melt and flushing high water. It usually snows, always takes one and sometimes two nights of camping. Ice bergs can get in the way as do some trees from the 07′ deracio wind event. Many hairpin turns and some rapids with standing waves hitting one in the chest make it exciting. I can see why at least three people were assembled for the Namekagon ‘pussy cat’ paddle and why I can’t seem to get anyone to go with me!

    Leave a note if you want to try it with me this year. It does require a full length wet suit and some sea kayak paddling skills. The sea kayak to carry sleeping gear, tent, cooking and food.


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Video: Kayaking on the Snow-Covered Namekagon River