Public meeting scheduled to reveal Osceola bridge replacement design

Project teams plans to share latest plans for new bridge spanning the St. Croix.




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Current Highway 243 bridge. (Greg Seitz/St. Croix 360)

The Hwy 243/Osceola Bridge project team has news to share about the design and look of the new Osceola Bridge to unveil at an upcoming June 25 in-person public meeting. Attendees will see bridge design images, get an update on the construction timeline, and have the opportunity to ask the project team questions and provide feedback. There will be a project overview presentation at 5 p.m.

Tue, June 25
In-person public meeting
4:30-6:30 p.m.
Osceola High School (Large Group Instruction Room)
1111 Oak Ridge Dr., Osceola, WI

We are working in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to replace the Hwy 243 Osceola Bridge over the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. The current bridge was built in 1953 and is scheduled to be replaced. MnDOT and WisDOT completed an evaluation of the bridge and its components and decided not to reuse any portion of the existing structure.

After three years of evaluating options and gathering input from government stakeholders and the public, the project team has chosen the current bridge location as the preferred site for the new bridge. Construction is scheduled to begin fall 2026.

For more information, visit the project website. If you have questions, please contact the project team.


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