County asks for feedback on plans for new park on river north of Hudson

A second phase of public input is open to review concept plans for the 170 acres of public land.




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A river view from the future Eckert Blufflands Park. (Greg Seitz/St. Croix 360)

Following a strong response to a request for public input last summer and fall, St. Croix County is now seeking a second round of public input on draft concept ideas for future development and natural resource management for the Eckert Blufflands Park.

The new County park is along the St. Croix River just north of Hudson and consists of almost 170 acres of wooded upland, deep ravines, former agricultural fields, over 100-foot high river bluffs, and more than half a mile of river shoreline.

Concept ideas were developed after a review of input from the public, stakeholders, and County staff. There are three different park development concepts and a draft plan for natural resources management, which are displayed on an online StoryMap with maps, images, and text descriptions.

A range of opportunities are included in the concepts, such as natural surface trails, ADA accessible paved trails, river overlooks and interpretation, picnic areas and shelters, river access and shoreline exploration, hike-in camping, camper cabins, adventure play facilities, aerial adventure (zip line), and more.

Park concepts (St. Croix County)

All park concepts allow opportunities for fishing, cross country skiing, hiking, bow and rifle hunting, and trapping, as required by the DNR grant funds that were used to purchase the property. Natural resource management ideas include prairie and oak savanna restoration, protection of rare and threatened plant species, management of invasive species, and thinning of pine plantations.

If you didn’t provide input during the first round of engagement last summer and fall, you can still provide input now. The StoryMap and survey can be accessed at this link.

You are welcome to visit the StoryMap and respond to the survey through Monday, Feb. 26, 2021.

The master planning process is expected to be complete in the spring of 2021. Stay up to date on the project process by checking the County’s website.


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8 responses to “County asks for feedback on plans for new park on river north of Hudson”

  1. Carl J Dyrbye Avatar
    Carl J Dyrbye

    In my view, the best we can do for this piece of property is to leave it alone, and pristine, as there are many other opportunities available to the public up and down the River for camping and hiking and what not, so how about the really novel idea of just leaving the property as it is, untouched and pristine…..

  2. Michele Westlund Avatar
    Michele Westlund

    Amen Carl!

  3. John E Avatar
    John E

    Leave it natural and undeveloped.
    Save state funds and don’t add to resource use density.
    Let’s TRY to save what’s left of the St Croix!

  4. James and Judith Green Avatar
    James and Judith Green

    We feel that this park needs to represent a natural and native environment with trails for hiking and family centered. Hunting and trapping surely are not consistent with a safe and natural environment for families.
    Wildlife is abundant so it is an excellent environment for engaging in observation. Let there be one quiet pristine place left in our area for many to enjoy. Check the guidelines for Willow River State Park.

  5. Aaron Avatar

    Disc golf course!!!

  6. Lonna possehl Avatar
    Lonna possehl

    Leave it alone please. Not every empty space in hudson needs to have something on it. i.e. banks or condos.

  7. John Avatar

    Leave the St. Croix river area a nature preserve.

  8. Michael hendrickson Avatar
    Michael hendrickson

    Leave it untouched I understand that my view is not going to be taken seriously but when this property was sold the surrounding property’s where all quite and did not get allot of unknown traffic now we will have to deal with all the riff raft from the city and potential property tax increases for another park that is not necessary


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County asks for feedback on plans for new park on river north of Hudson