Ojibwe water walk along Willow River invites interested individuals to participation orientation

Indigenous-led ceremonial journey will offer prayers for the water every step of the way.




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Via the North Woods and Waters of the St. Croix Heritage Area:

Water Walk. (Photo by Wilbur Ince via Flickr)

Orientation for the Nibi Walk on the Willow
Mar 7, 2020, 9 a.m.
The Phipps Center for the Arts
Hudson, WI 54016

In celebration of Earth Day 2020, walk with Ojibwe Elder, Sharon Day, as she creates ceremony for the Willow River. We will walk with Sharon from the headwaters of the Willow River to where it meets the St. Croix, near Hudson.

Gaylord Nelson — who not only founded Earth Day in 1970 but championed the St. Croix’s protection as a Wild & Scenic River in the U.S. Senate — was born and raised in Clear Lake.

This meeting will prepare all walkers to safely, comfortably, and reverently participate in the two day walk on April 18-19. The orientation session is mandatory to participate.

Sharon Day describes a Nibi Walk in the video below, produced by Day and the Indigenous People’s Task Force, and shared by the Minnesota Humanities Center.

“We do the water walks to honor the water, to honor the spirit of the water,” she says. “That’s who we’re speaking to, when we sing, when we say water we thank you, water we love you, water we respect you, it’s to that spirit of the water.”


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