St. Croix spring stanzas: A few haiku poems penned at Interstate Park

Verses written by event attendees last weekend celebrate spring, the river, and more.




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Photos courtesy Friends of Interstate Park

People who attended the Outdoor Skills Expo at Wisconsin Interstate Park last Saturday could learn a lot: how to tie knots, build a fire, forage for food. They also could get some practice with poetry.

The event was part of ArtReach St. Croix’s Big Read program, in partnership with the St. Croix River Association and others.

ArtReach supplied the St. Croix River Haiku Challenge, originally developed by St. Croix 360. Board member Gil Gragert ran the show, and wrote a few himself. Check out his and others’ below!

ArtReach will have the haiku challenge again at the Belwin Conservancy Bison Festival on May 18 this year.

By Gil Gragert:

Remember matches
bring newspaper and kindling
build and light, enjoy

Nature speaks loudly
on the river rapid foam
careful wading in

Girl Scouts love the woods
they tromp and stop and laugh loud
pick up leaves and mud

Two turkey vultures
listening and smelling prey
waiting patient

Twas a throw pillow
much to my surprise, the lamp
was not a catch lamp

By others:

Woodpeckers pecking
all the waves are Rippling
And we are hiking
– Carlee

Way up in the sky
high above the Hills and Lakes
Stand Whispering trees
– Carlee

Leaves falling in Fall
Birds migrating as winter comes
sleeping till spring comes
– Jeremiah, Lilah and Teresa

Birds whistling loudly
On the blue water with waves
Wolfs howling loudly
– Kayla

Water birds whistling
in the trees high up above
On a lovely sunny day
– Natalie

Outside in nature
Every little animal
quiet as can be
– Carlee


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St. Croix spring stanzas: A few haiku poems penned at Interstate Park