Watch: Crest come and gone, river levels begin to recede

See the St. Croix’s spring flood from a unique vantage point giving views of the high water and community responses.




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Thank you to a few intrepid drone pilots for getting out and recording this spring’s flood and it’s impact on lower St. Croix communities!

The river crested at Stillwater on Sunday and Monday at 688.4 feet, ranking it as the seventh highest crest since 1950. The water has started to come down, already dropping more than a foot.

Here are highlights of the view from above!


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Breaking ice at the Mulberry Point Yacht Harbor in Stillwater.

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Great North Drones


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One response to “Watch: Crest come and gone, river levels begin to recede”

  1. Luann Avatar

    Hopefully no one was harmed from the rising, however I had to gasp, looking at the boats in the marina…all covered with…shrink wrap (?!) Shrink wrap may protect boats, but it can harm the environment. The low-density polyethylene plastic that comes off in the spring is a challenge for disposal. … Every spring, boat yards and boat owners pull tons of this plastic off watercraft, and most of it goes to landfills or incinerators. Yuk. Are river lovers award of this?


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Watch: Crest come and gone, river levels begin to recede