Special message: River stories to inspire stewardship

New fundraising campaign asks readers to support river stories.




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Dear Reader,

For more than eight years, I have been sharing stories about the St. Croix River on St. Croix 360. My intention has always been to build the site slowly, based on high-quality reporting and writing.

Over time, you have seen its ability to reach a broad cross-section of people who love the river. St. Croix 360 accurately reports on topics like nature and conservation, fishing and art, and news and history. With guest contributors, we publish poetry, essays, articles, video, and more.

It’s time to take the next step and expand the effort.

Today, I am launching a new fundraising campaign, seeking reader support for St. Croix 360. I believe this can help the site reach even more people, and better cover the whole watershed.

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Readers are the key to St. Croix 360’s future.

The site has always been supported by the community in many ways, and now I am respectfully requesting financial contributions. When funded by its readers, St. Croix 360 will be accountable to you first and foremost.

There is an endless supply of stories about the St. Croix River. With your help, we can tell these stories, and inspire stewardship of this special place.

Thank you!

Greg Seitz
St. Croix 360

PS. You can make a contribution at one of several levels — each of which comes with exclusive perks and benefits. I hope you can find one that’s right for you!

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Special message: River stories to inspire stewardship