Master Naturalist course coming to the St. Croix Valley

Workshops and field trips will provide rich environmental education on both sides of the lower river.




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Via Wisconsin Master Naturalist:

Aleisha Miller of St. Croix County Environmental Education explains how groundwater works at a teacher training at Kinnickinnic Stat Park. (Greg Seitz, St. Croix 360)

Carpenter Nature Center, St. Croix County Parks, The Friends of Willow River & Kinnickinnic State Parks, and The Great River Road Visitor and Learning Center are partnering to offer the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Volunteer Training Course. The classes will usually be held on the 3rd Saturday of the month starting on March 16th and ending on October 19th (see dates and tentative syllabus below).

The course will include some classroom time, but will focus mostly on local and regional field experiences to exceptional sites for learning in our topic areas (geology, ecology, plant communities, wildlife, interpretation, water, and human impacts). Many regional experts will be sharing their knowledge, research, tips, and inspiration with us as they lead or present parts of the course.

A Master Naturalist course instruction manual will be provided and woven into all of the studies. Participants will also meet representatives from each host organization, DNR, local non-profit, and nature groups to learn about the many opportunities for the Master Naturalists to engage as volunteers, participate in citizen science, help provide leadership for activities, community involvement, and so much more!

The Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program is a network of well-informed citizens dedicated to conservation education and service within Wisconsin communities.  The Master Naturalist Volunteer Training Course provides 40 hours of coursework in natural history, interpretation, and conservation stewardship.  Courses combine classroom instruction with field experiences and are taught by professional natural resources educators and scientists.  Once trained, Wisconsin Master Naturalist Volunteers provide 40 hours of service and take 8 hours of advanced training each year to maintain their certification and receive a recognition pin.

Schedule: Usually meets 3rd Saturday of the month*, March-October 2019. This unique schedule is great for busy people and for letting you absorb the knowledge you are gaining. *April and June dates may not be 3rd Saturday

Fee: $275 includes all class materials and a one-year membership with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin.

Scholarships:  If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, you must fill out the Master Naturalist scholarship form before registering.  The Master Naturalist office will follow up with a special code to be used when you register.


  • Registration deadline is March 1, 2019
  • Class size is limited to 20 participants.

Complete course description and registration is available at this link.


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One response to “Master Naturalist course coming to the St. Croix Valley”

  1. Beth J. DeMars Avatar
    Beth J. DeMars

    Would be wonderful if this were available to those in the Headwaters area. I grew up in Solon Springs and have always looked for opportunities to enrich my knowledge of the watershed in my yard.
    I served as a Park Ranger at Lucius Woods Park in Solon Springs for a number of years before my disability, and still have hope to continue to serve our watershed.
    Keep up the good work!


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Master Naturalist course coming to the St. Croix Valley