Live from the St. Croix: Moments of peace on the banks of the river

Take in the river, take a deep breath, and enjoy a brief escape from anything that’s bothering you.




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A lot of folks are feeling pretty anxious these days, with a constant barrage of news about politics, environmental threats, and violence.

The St. Croix River is here for you.

Yesterday, Minnesota Public Radio News broadcast 20 minutes of video live from Interstate Park in Minnesota. Many people seemed to find peace and tranquility during what was called a “zenstream.”

It’s a quiet fall morning on the St. Croix River’s western banks. After a quick climb down some rocks, you find a cozy spot beneath some pine trees.

Sit for a while and watch as the river flows through the basalt cliffs and wooded hillside.

Watch the replay here:

More than 16,000 people watched the video, and it was shared 141 times, according to Facebook. Numerous comments of appreciation were posted in response:

  • Erica Bossert: “As I sit in a windowless office, I am thankful for the beauty and the nature you have brought into my day. 🙏”
  • Allison Wolf: “The sound of the moving water is the best part!”
  • Lena K. Gardner: “OMG thank you so much. I needed this.”
  • Susan Moore: “Having lunch at work, this popped up. At first I thought, ‘oh no, now what!?’ This is a nice change. TY”
  • Beth Evans-Mason: “I grew up on Angel Hill and sat very close to this spot (by that birch tree that would be just left off screen) pretty much daily and just watched the river. This was my therapy for many years, and when I can, I try to make it back to do this. Thank you so much for this feed today, it is really so incredibly beautiful.”

MPR News plans to continue offering such streams on its Facebook page at 11:30 a.m. every day until Nov. 9.

Tall bluffs, deep breaths

The video was reminiscent of a photo and haiku/suggestion I posted on Instagram a day earlier, showing the view from across the river.

The photo above was on Wisconsin Interstate Park’s River Bluff Trail, which is a short walk offering stunning views and serenity.


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Live from the St. Croix: Moments of peace on the banks of the river