Oak Park Heights seeks more information before deciding on Sunnyside no-wake zone

City Council holds hearing, decides to gather data about boating enforcement before moving ahead.




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Sunnyside Marine on the St. Croix River (Photo by Greg Schulz, Pictures Over Stillwater)

At a public hearing attended by about 50 people last week, the Oak Park Heights city council decided to defer action on a request by Sunnyside Marina to seek a no-wake zone on the St. Croix River in front of the marina.

Sunnyside says large wakes are creating unsafe conditions for employees and boaters at the marina.

The Stillwater Gazette reported that concerns emerged at the meeting that there is too little enforcement of existing wake rules:

The council ultimately took no stance, voting instead to send letters to the agencies in charge of patrolling the St. Croix River detailing community concerns and requesting data on the number of boaters ticketed for wake violations near Sunnyside Marina. The council voted unanimously.

The National Park Service, U.S. Coast Guard, Minnesota and Wisconsin DNRs, and the St. Croix and Washington County Sheriff’s Offices are responsible for patrolling river waters, said Oak Park Heights Police Chief Brian DeRosier.

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The council may consider a resolution on the matter at its next meeting, on Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 6 p.m.


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Oak Park Heights seeks more information before deciding on Sunnyside no-wake zone