River Bum Log: Quickly flowing into fall

A moment of natural serenity along the St. Croix River.




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The water is high and the leaves are turning. I saw the two coming in contact at William O’Brien State Park recently.

I had to wait a while for total quiet to capture the soft rushing of the river through the maple leaves. There was a surprising amount of background noise — distant cars, kids, airplanes heading to Osceola Airport.

When I finally got the the camera recording (just my Samsung S7 phone and a Gorillapod tripod) it wasn’t long before a couple Canada geese flew overhead. It’s not easy to hear, but the geese actually flew right over the tree tops, and I’m pretty sure their wing beats knocked loose some raindrops from the leaves above me. You can hear little clickings after they pass.

This video reminded me of CBS Sunday Morning’s segment “Moment in Nature,” in which the show closes every week with a minute or two of peaceful nature video with just natural sounds and no music or narration. It always transports me temporarily to wild places, but I have to say, I recommend experiencing the real thing as often as possible. The Riverside Trail at O’Brien will be lovely in the weeks ahead.


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River Bum Log: Quickly flowing into fall