High Water Warning for Much of River Region

Fast, high and cold water requires caution by paddlers and boaters.




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County K Landing on the lower Namekagon, flooded by recent rains
County K Landing on the lower Namekagon, flooded by recent rains (Photo via National Park Service)

All the rain recently has pushed water levels up dramatically. River users should watch for trees and other debris floating in the river, be careful with high, fast currents, and in general exercise additional caution.

The river gage at St. Croix Falls shows levels seem to have plateaued around 17,000 cfs. That is about five to six times the flows just a couple weeks ago. That is about 7.5 million gallons per minute!

Meanwhile, the upper Namekagon appears to be coming down already. A storm last Thursday caused flooding in Hayward and other communities, and damaged parts of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in the Namekagon headwaters region. Another flood watch has been issued for tonight and tomorrow in the Namekagon region.

Please wear your life jacket and be careful!

Recent river readings

Namekagon River at Leonards Bridge, via U.S. Geological Survey and funding partners:

Namekagon at Leonards

Danbury, via USGS:


Norway Point, via USGS:

Norway Point

Grantsburg, via Wild River Outfitters:

St. Croix Falls, via U.S. Geological Survey:

Via U.S. Geological Survey

Stillwater, with forecast, via National Weather Service:



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High Water Warning for Much of River Region