Discuss the Namekagon River’s Future

Meeting on September 6th will seek ideas for future stewardship efforts.




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Namekagon River at Namakagon Lake Dam
Namekagon River at Namakagon Lake Dam (Photo courtesy Namekagon River Partnership)

A group of citizen stewards focused on the Namekagon River is inviting anyone who loves the river to offer their ideas about its future at a discussion in Cable, WI.

The Namekagon River Partnership, formed in 2012, is organizing the event, dubbed “Conversation One“:

Join us at Lakewoods Resort on beautiful Lake Namakagon from 9:00-12:00 on, Saturday, September 6, 2014 for the first in a planned series of conversations to unite the multitude of watershed stakeholders surrounding the Namekagon River to preserve its unique beauty and protect its lasting value for the future.

NOW is the time to actively shape our collective plan for the Namekagon River Watershed.

We welcome your collective ideas and support, as we begin the conversation. Our goal is to identify the top six initiatives that bring the greatest benefit to the future of the Namekagon Watershed. Please spread the word. All interested parties are welcome.

The Namekagon is the St. Croix’s biggest tributary and is included in the federally-protected Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway. Forty-six years after being included in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the organization says people who love it need to work together for its future:

As time has passed since its designation many pressures have come to challenge the resolve of its protectors to maintain the integrity of its purity, beauty and, indeed, its existence for all time to come. With the rise in water disputes and the multitude of water-related issues on a global scale, the status of our precious, pristine river and the attending watershed is more important than ever.

Since we cannot tell the river’s story and continue without your ideas and your support, we welcome your participation as we begin the conversation. The more voices contributing to the conversation, be they from the Namekagon Watershed or the intricately-connected surrounding watersheds, the better able we will be to identify our common vision of how we might best discharge our responsibility to this essential endeavor.

An agenda and additional information is available on NRP’s website.

Registration is free and includes a one-year membership in the Namekagon River Partnership. Participants can register at the door or pre-register by sending an e-mail to namekagon63@gmail.com.