Short Videos of St. Croix State Park and Thayers Landing

Six-second videos show a portrait of the river and its tributaries.




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There is something hypnotizing about “Vine,” the short looping videos recently launched by Twitter. Six seconds hardly seems long enough to show anything, but somehow they are able to create a portrait of a place.

Below are three of the videos shot yesterday in St. Croix State Park and at nearby Thayers Landing. Note the plentiful bugs buzzing about in the Kennedy Brook video. Mosquito season has arrived!

A person can think of St. Croix State Park as Minnesota’s “sixth National Park.” At 34,000 acres, it is the largest of the state’s parks. It features solid, beautiful structures built by workers in the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps (as do many National Parks). And it has federal roots — originally created by the National Park Service and opened in 1935 as a Recreation Demonstration Area.

What’s great about the brevity of these videos is that they should be just enough to pique your curiosity and inspire you to get out and find some running water of your own!