Final Preparations

Packing gear and anticipating the adventure ahead.




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Canoeing and camping gear
A happy little gear pile. Do I bring the helmet?

Who else is still packing? Anybody all done?

I’m surprised I’m as prepared as I am already. I spent tonight digging through my gear, putting together the kit I’ll bring on the river next week.

It was the first time I’d looked at it this year, and I felt almost giddy with anticipation. Six days watching 92 miles of the wild and beautiful Namekagon go by. Paddling partners and communities to get to know. Weather and birds and water. What stories lie ahead?

I still have some shopping for food and gear to do tomorrow, but it feels good to have the pile I made tonight. I packed all the rain gear I own, and also plenty of sunscreen. (By the way, I looked it up and sunscreen is generally okay to use for three years after you buy it.) It was strange to reduce the gear to one person’s stuff – my wife Katie and I have a pretty well-set collection fit for the two of us. But next week it’s just me.

That nervous happy feeling hasn’t quite gone away. It probably won’t until I feel the current pull my boat down the first mile of river on Sunday morning. See you then.


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Final Preparations