Family event about St. Croix River amphibians this Friday

Kids can hold and touch live frogs and salamanders the evening of Friday, July 15 at a free event at the St. Croix River Visitor Center in St. Croix Falls.




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Amphibians of the St. Croix River valleyAn event at the St. Croix River Visitor Center in St. Croix Falls from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. this Friday will give kids the opportunity to hold and touch live frogs and salamanders.

Randy Korb of St. Croix Wildlife will present the program. His organization’s mission is “to connect children and families in northwest Wisconsin and the Twin Cities Metro area to nature through direct hands-on experiences with wildlife.” On the website, the organizations says, “We believe these activites will sharpen childrens’ awareness and appreciation of the abundant wildlife living in the St. Croix River Valley.”

The program gives kids an up-close view of amphibians:

Holding and feeding spring peepers, bullfrogs, and other native frogs, toads and salamanders highlight Randy Korb’s popular amphibian presentations.  Before holding them, children learn what makes each type of frog special-where it lives, how it moves, eats and protects itself.

Here’s a video of one of Randy’s programs in Door County, Wisconsin: