Second crest predicted to be higher

After cresting last week and bottoming out again yesterday, the river is on its way back up to potentially an even higher crest than the first.




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After cresting once at 86.09′ on March 31, just six days ago, and bottomed out yesterday at 85.58 yesterday, the St. Croix is on its way back up. The river is on track to crest at least a foot higher than the previous high mark.

April 5 2011 St. Croix River chart

Note that in the chart above, no predicted decline is visible. It’s possible that, beyond the seven-day outlook, an ever higher crest will come. It’s also possible that, like last month, unpredicted weather will cause a significantly lower crest than originally forecasted.

If the river does rise as high as predicted, the Stillwater Bridge could be closed. The state’s policy is to close it at about 86′. When the river just barely broke that level last week, the bridge stayed open. But a crest nearing 88′ would certainly result in a closure.


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Second crest predicted to be higher