‘We Are Water MN’ exhibit coming to Chisago County

Interactive exhibit features stories from area residents about connections to water.




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We Are Water MN Exhibit
Chisago County
June 20 to August 12, 2024

The We Are Water MN exhibit is administered by the Minnesota Humanities Center and travels each year to several Minnesota host communities.  It is an interactive story collecting exhibit that focuses on our relationships with and responsibilities to water. The exhibit includes stories from people reflecting on the meaning and experience of water in Minnesota and in Chisago County, and space for visitors to the exhibit to add their own stories and images. 

The exhibit will be on display at the following locations:

Opening Ceremonies

Join us for the the opening ceremonies for the “We Are Water MN” exhibit in Chisago County.  The opening ceremony will be held at 4:30 P.M. on June 20, 2024 at the North Branch Area Library in North Branch. An additional opening ceremony will be held at 2:00 P.M. on June 21, 2024 at the Chisago County History Center in Lindström. 

  • North Branch Area Library | June 20, 4:30 – 6:30 PM 
  • Chisago County History Center | June 21, 2:00 – 4:00 PM   

Events and Activities

In addition to the exhibit, there will be many events and activities to learn about water issues in Chisago County and why we care about clean water.  View the Events and Activities Flyer (PDF) for a complete list of events and activities.  Some of these activities include:

  • Nitrate Testing Clinic | June 14, 1 – 6 PM | Nessel Town Hall (PDF)
  • 4-H Water Watchers | June 21, 9 – noon | Community Garden, North Branch 
  • Water Storytelling | July 16, 1 – 2 PM | North Branch Library
  • Kids Water Poetry Contest | Submit Entries by July 16 
  • Art + Water Bar | July 17, 4:30 – 7:30 PM | Uncommon Loon, Chisago City
  • Storytelling, Songs & Art | July 26, 6 – 8 PM | Hallberg Center, Wyoming
  • St. Croix River Paddle | July 30, 3 – 7 PM | Taylors Falls Lions Club Park
  • Book Reading | August 8, 6 – 8 PM | North Branch Area Library

Volunteer Opportunities

Stay tuned!  There will be many opportunities to volunteer at the indoor exhibit locations, and events and activities.  Find out more by visiting https://www.chisagocountymn.gov/1349/We-Are-Water-MN-Exhibit

Indoor Main Exhibit Location

The main indoor exhibit will be located at the North Branch Area Library. https://ecrlib.org/north-branch-area-mn-library/

Dates:  June 20 to August 12, 2024
Location:  6355 379th St. North Branch, MN 55056.
Hours:  https://ecrlib.org/north-branch-area-mn-library/
Cost:  Free to visit
Contact:  susanna.wilson@chisagocountymn.gov

Indoor Bonus Exhibit Location

The bonus indoor exhibit will be located at the Chisago County History Center. https://www.chisagocountyhistory.org/Home.html

Dates:  June 20 to August 12, 2024
Location:  12795 Lake Blvd., Lindstrom, MN 55045.
Hours:  https://www.chisagocountyhistory.org/Home.html
Cost:  Free to visit
Contact:  susanna.wilson@chisagocountymn.gov

Outdoor Exhibit Location

The outdoor exhibit will be located at the Lindström Memorial Park.   https://www.cityoflindstrom.us/parks-department/pages/memorial-park

Dates:  June 20 to August 12, 2024
Location:  30525 Linden Street,Lindström, MN 55045
Hours:  https://www.cityoflindstrom.us/parks-department/pages/memorial-park
Cost:  Free to visit
Contact:  susanna.wilson@chisagocountymn.gov

Exhibit Goals and Core Values

The Chisago County goals of the exhibit are to:

  • Educate Residents about Water.
  • Recognize the Historical Significance of Water.
  • Build Bridges and Relationships with the Community.
  • Highlight Collaboration with Partners.
  • Expand Community Networks.
  • Find Multiple Perspectives and Commonalities towards Water.
  • Acknowledge the Impacts of Water on Residents.


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‘We Are Water MN’ exhibit coming to Chisago County