Voice for clean water in western Wisconsin recognized by county health department

Defender of groundwater, lakes, and rivers receives “Friend of Public Health” award from St. Croix County.




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St. Croix County Public Health has been selecting a “Friend of Public Health” since 1998 as a part of our National Public Health Week. This is to recognize someone who has been an exceptional partner within our community by positively impacting the health and well-being of St. Croix County residents. 

This year’s recipient is Kim Dupre. Kim retired from the St. Croix County IT Department after 19 years and has dedicated many years, before and since retirement, to putting a spotlight on the important public and environmental health issue of water quality.

Through advocacy efforts with Emerald Clean Water for All and St. Croix County Defending Our Water, she has worked to ensure clean and safe water for future generations. Advocacy is a great public health tool to make positive change on a large scale. Kim did this by engaging the community, getting petitions and signatures, which led to the County Board establishing a Ground and Surface Water Quality Protection Study Committee. After 9 months of study the Committee developed 8 core recommendations that are still used as a guide for St. Croix County and neighboring counties to protect water quality.

“I would like to congratulate Kim Dupre on being named 2024’s “Friend of Public Health” a well-deserved recognition of her hard work, in collaboration with other dedicated individuals, to improve the water quality in St. Croix County. Thank you, Kim, for your positive impact on the health of the residents of St. Croix County”

Elle Klasen – St. Croix County Interim Public Health Officer

Her current work on the risks to water from biogas digesters has gained attention from many sources including the Sierra Club, Environmental Law & Policy Center, Wisconsin Farmers Union, Land Stewardship Project, Socially Responsible Agriculture Project, and Family Farm Defenders.

When Kim received notice of being chosen for this award, she asked to acknowledge two additional individuals who have provided unwavering support in these endeavors. We agree all things in Public Health are not achieved alone. Honorable Mentions go to Virginia Drath and Barb Nelson.


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Voice for clean water in western Wisconsin recognized by county health department