National Park Service announces re-opening of Osceola Landing

Renovation project included new motorboat ramp and other amenities.




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New motorboat-only launch ramp at Osceola Landing. (NPS photo)

The day use area and new motorized boat launch at Osceola Landing on the St. Croix River will be open this upcoming weekend. The NPS recently completed a project to increase pedestrian safety, improve traffic flow, and enhance visitor experience by separating motorized and non-motorized uses. Minor construction-related activities will continue to complete the project. Potable water is not available yet. Please bring your own drinking water.

Osceola Landing is the busiest NPS landing on the St. Croix River National Scenic Riverway. Well known as the take-out point for the popular day trip from Minnesota or Wisconsin Interstate Park through the Dalles, the landing also provides access for motorized boats and paddlers headed downstream.  

A new motorized boat launch is the most significant change at Osceola Landing. This change separated the launching and landing of motorized and nonmotorized watercraft to address safety issues and congestion among pedestrians, motorized boaters, and non-motorized boaters. Additional parking, a paved walking path with informational signage, a new orientation and waiting area, new vault toilets, and upgrades to the comfort station are also now provided at Osceola Landing. 

“We are excited to welcome visitors back to Osceola Landing Day Use Area. This project was a significant undertaking, and we appreciate everyone’s patience during the construction process and flood delays.” said Craig Hansen, superintendent of the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. 

The NPS awarded a contract to Nordic Group, Inc., based in Carlton, Minnesota and construction activities were completed from spring of 2022 through summer of 2023. Record flooding in the spring of 2023 delayed project completion.  

A second phase of work at Osceola Landing will update the parking lot and boat launches adjacent to the Highway 243 Bridge. This work will begin after the upcoming Highway 243 Bridge replacement project is completed.  


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One response to “National Park Service announces re-opening of Osceola Landing”

  1. thomas karney Avatar
    thomas karney

    We have waited for the Osceola landing to open which seemed to take forever and figured it must be quite a transformation given the time it took, only to be very disappointed. The beach area which most people come for was totally ruined with big ruts from heavy equipment and weeds growing everywhere. Every thing else looked the same with the exception of a new boat launch so it makes me wonder the why did they close the area for such a long time only to show hardly any improvement and a ruined beach? VERY disappointed!


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National Park Service announces re-opening of Osceola Landing