Wisconsinites invited to participate in Conservation Congress process

Ideas invited for managing state’s natural resources.




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Bean Brook State Wildlife Area, Washburn County (Greg Seitz/St. Croix 360)

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC) invites all Wisconsinites to take part in its annual spring hearing process.

The WCC is an independent organization of citizens that advises the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on how to responsibly manage Wisconsin’s natural resources.

Each year citizens have an opportunity to submit ideas as resolutions to the WCC. In mid-January, the WCC District Leadership Council agreed to support the annual Spring Hearings Resolution process via an online process.

Wisconsinites can submit proposed resolutions via the online process which opens Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023. Resolutions must meet the following criteria:

  1. The concern must be of statewide impact.
  2. The concern must be practical, achievable and reasonable.
  3. The concern must be within the mission and vision of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress.

An individual citizen may submit no more than two resolutions per year. Those interested in submitting a resolution are encouraged to reach out to the resolution review committee or their WCC County Chair for guidance in drafting a resolution.

Additional tips on preparing a resolution are available on the WCC and DNR’s Spring Hearings website.

Resolutions will be accepted until March 1, 2023. At the close of the submission process, the resolutions will be reviewed by a committee of WCC delegates to ensure they meet the criteria for inclusion and will be prepared for the online input which kicks off on Monday, April 10 and will close on Thursday, April 13.

For further information or questions, contact Terri Roehrig, Vice Chair Wisconsin Conservation Congress at 920-540-2775.


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One response to “Wisconsinites invited to participate in Conservation Congress process”

  1. David Orf Avatar
    David Orf

    One of the questions on the Wisconsin spring hearing proposes a year long open season on walleye and other game fish. I am voting against this. This would add 4 to 5 weeks of fishing pressure to spanning fish. With the large metro population having an opportunity to fish walleyes once ice is off 6 weeks before Minnesota inland fishing opener. Vote no


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Wisconsinites invited to participate in Conservation Congress process