Small publication, major influence

St. Croix 360 stories have reached far beyond the website to inspire other media coverage.




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Building appreciation for the St. Croix River is one of my life goals. The river is not only a wonderful place to play, but also a fascinating ecosystem and a remarkably healthy large river.

Recognizing the river’s special qualities lets us know how to protect what we love.

That’s why I’m happy whenever St. Croix 360 influences other media. Whether we inspire other coverage or our stories are reprinted, it’s a valuable way to inspire stewardship.

Over the years, several St. Croix 360 articles have resulted in a much broader reach. These stories have ranged from publicizing threats to the river to appreciating its amazing resources.

Here are a few examples:

We also make our stories available to other media organizations.

These outlets have republished our coverage of everything from oil pipelines to archaeology.

As a publication with no full-time staff, we’re proud of our impact and influence.

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Small publication, major influence