Watch: Fishing for spawning white bass on the St. Croix River

Fisherman shares the fun of unique and popular piscine pursuit.




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The excitement of a good day fishing for white bass on the St. Croix River is pretty obvious in YouTube user KossConcepts‘ new video. As he catches one feisty fish after another, he repeats “this is freaking awesome.”

The big bonus for this angler was catching white bass on topwater baits, while most white bass fishing is done below the surface.

The white bass spawning season is a spring ritual in the river. The fish breed in May when the water warms up. Adults form large schools and meet other schools in tributaries or choppy water near shore. A single female can produce from 250,000 to almost a million eggs.

A little like salmon, many white bass return to the same breeding site every year. The fishing season is fleeting though, with a population of fish spawning for just 5-10 days before returning to deeper waters.

In true St. Croix River fashion, this fisherman also manages to catch a smallmouth bass and a walleye.

The diversity of fish species in the St. Croix is a key part of its appeal to anglers. There always seems to be something biting, and you never know what might be on your line if you hook into something.


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  1. Jodell D Matthew Avatar
    Jodell D Matthew

    Just watching, it’s so awesome. Seeing him get a fish and let it back in the water.


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Watch: Fishing for spawning white bass on the St. Croix River