Wakes allowed again on Lower St. Croix after river drops three feet

Falling water level means boaters on the river below Stillwater can open the throttle.




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The St. Croix River at Stillwater dropped under 683′ above sea level today, meaning high water no-wake rules have been lifted. It crested at 686′ about 10 days ago.

It is predicted to drop just over another foot in the next week.

There are still rules regarding wakes that are always in effect on the river, including areas described in the river’s management plan. A National Park Service study has found that boat wakes cause more erosion of river banks than wind or other erosion.

Large wakes and full speeds are only allowed from Stillwater to the mouth of the river at Prescott. There are several no-wake zones at different points along this stretch.

Above Stillwater, speeds are intended to be moderate and wakes minor. No wakes are allowed in backwaters or side channels.

Above the Arcola High Bridge, boat speeds are always to be kept low.

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Wakes allowed again on Lower St. Croix after river drops three feet