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Marsh marigolds, Namekagon River, 2013. (Greg Seitz, St. Croix 360)

The 60 people who have contributed to St. Croix 360 this year are the ones who make the stories free and available for everyone else. Thank you, we are truly grateful for every single contribution. It’s wonderful to know people value what we do.

Support from readers is St. Croix 360’s only source of revenue. It takes a lot of time to produce accessible and accurate stories, and these contributors provide the resources needed to keep the stories flowing.

St. Croix 360 brings you stories each week about the St. Croix River, its tributaries, and the communities that call it home. We educate and entertain, inspire and inform, and seek to expand stewardship.

Supporting St. Croix 360 means helping provide peace and beauty during an often ugly, always stressful period. The river remains a reassuring constant during this uncertain time, and St. Croix 360 is still here to keep you connected.

If you haven’t contributed yet this year, please do it today. We are very grateful for any and all support. If every subscriber gave just $5 per month, we’d be in great shape.

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St. Croix Circle ($60/month)

  • Joan Beaver and Doug Seitz
  • Loralee and Gene DiLorenzo
  • John Goodfellow and Kitsi Vadheim
  • Bill and Maureen Lundquist

Namekagon ($30/month)

  • Peter and Mary Gove
  • Lee Lewis and Stephen Bubul

Kettle ($15/month)

  • Angela Anderson
  • Ryan and Seannie Cochrane
  • Ted Eastlund
  • Daniel Engstrom and Barb Coffin
  • Jean Hoffman

Apple ($10/month)

  • David Bowlin
  • Guillermo Cuellar and Laurie MacGregor
  • Steve Despiegelaere
  • Marty Harding and Gary Noren
  • Julie Jensen
  • Jay and Kali Higgins
  • Julie Kilpatrick
  • Ted and Rachael Kozlowski
  • Sally and Richard Leider
  • William McKeown
  • Anne and Peter Reich
  • Pam Smith
  • Kristin Tuenge
  • Jon and Marynel Van Zee

Kinnickinnic ($5/month)

  • Paul Burggraff
  • Susan and Wesley Cochrane
  • Karen Engelbretson
  • Michael Gallagher and Linda Cullen
  • Connie Hess
  • Mary Hooley
  • Sean and Kristen Hoppes
  • Mark Hove
  • Dana Jackson
  • Naif Sam Karam
  • Lisie Kitchel
  • Sarah Lilja
  • Suzanne Lindgren
  • Emilee Martell
  • Barb Medinger
  • Corey Mohan
  • Marceleen Mosher
  • Heather and Andrew Rutledge
  • Jim and Dianne Shiely
  • Ken Walls
  • Barbara Wetzel

Other (any amount greatly appreciated!)

  • Scott and Colleen Augustin
  • Randy and Cathy Ferrin
  • Hank Fischer
  • Judy Gulden
  • Gordon Maltby
  • Zach and Dianne Minick
  • Curt Oien
  • Tom and Dianne Polasik
  • Christie Rosckes
  • Lisa Schlingerman
  • James Schoeller
  • Jeanne and Robert Walz
  • Dan and Ruth Willius
  • Wahoo! Adventures
  • Randal Zimmermann

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Thank these 60 readers for making St. Croix 360 possible