Introducing St. Croix 360’s founding supporters

First 36 contributors provide priceless support for website and newsletter that connects people to the wild and wonderful St. Croix River.




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In just one week, a community of readers connected to the St. Croix River responded enthusiastically to the launch of a fundraising campaign by St. Croix 360, a website that shares stories about the St. Croix River to inspire stewardship. The first 36 contributors have been named as Founding Supporters, honored for leading the way and proving the power of community-supported journalism.

The campaign launched on March 13, 2019, already attracting nearly 50 one-time donors and monthly supporters. The funds will help engage readers in order to upgrade technology, grow the St. Croix 360 organization, and research and write more stories from throughout the 8,000-square mile watershed..

Greg Seitz canoeing a St. Croix River side channel (Photo: Jean Pieri, St. Paul Pioneer Press)

“I am honored and grateful for everyone who has pledged their support, and excited to keep the site going for a long time,” said founder and editor Greg Seitz. “While the financial support is critical, simply knowing the site is valued by people who love the river is greatly appreciated, and motivates me to expand the effort. Thank you!”

Fundraising continues, and donations can be made at Exclusive perks and benefits are available for supporters.

The following contributors donated before an official campaign was launched, demonstrating the potential of community support for St. Croix 360, and inspiring the full fundraiser:

  • Henry Fischer
  • John Goodfellow and Kitsi Vadheim
  • Connie and Lyle Helke
  • Dana Jackson
  • Anne and Peter Reich
  • Lisa Schlingerman
  • River Croix Fund – Laurie Allmann and Carol Caouette

Contributors in the first week of the campaign round out the list of founding supporters:

  • Ryan and Seannie Cochrane
  • Susan and Wesley Cochrane
  • Guillermo Cuellar and Laurie MacGregor
  • Rebecca Davis
  • Steve Despiegelaere
  • Loralee DiLorenzo
  • Daniel Engstrom and Barb Coffin
  • Donald Frantz
  • Randy and Kathy Ferrin
  • Mike and Linda Gallagher
  • Peter and Mary Gove
  • Marty Harding and Gary Noren
  • Connie Hess
  • Ted and Rachael Kozlowski
  • Lee Lewis and Stephen Bubul
  • Suzanne Lindgren
  • Katy and Jeremy McDearmon
  • William McKeown
  • Marceleen Mosher
  • Curtis Oien
  • Heidi Parton
  • David Pauley
  • Carolyn Porter
  • Terry Quesnel
  • Pamela Robb
  • Heather and Andrew Rutledge
  • Rebecca Vincent
  • Ken Walls
  • Wendy Ward

The full, up-to-date list of supporters is available at


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Introducing St. Croix 360’s founding supporters