Top 10 St. Croix River stories of 2016

Annual list of most popular St. Croix 360 articles covers everything from floods to fish.




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With the river covered in snow and ice, rain is a distant memory. But in July, massive storms that largely hit the northern part of the St. Croix’s watershed caused the river to hit its third-highest recorded flow at St. Croix Falls.

Stories about the wall of water that came downstream made for three of the five most popular stories of last year.

As usual, photos and stories of big fish caught in the river also got a lot of attention. And then there were the unpredictable pair of articles that took first and second place.

1. Mystery Object Emerges from the St. Croix River South of Osceola

Photo by Greg Seitz, 2013

I’m still working on a follow-up story that accumulates the many ideas and pieces of information submitted on this story. Stay tuned!

2. Exotic Reptile Discovered in the St. Croix River

Caimans are native to Central and South America (Photo courtesy Kristi Pupak, Wisconsin DNR)

Watch your toes!

3. Rivers Rising: St. Croix Tributaries Send Rain Surge Toward Stillwater

The Kettle River this morning.
The Kettle River this morning. (Photo via Twitter, used with permission.)

Ten inches of rain resulted in record-setting floods.

4. St. Croix Flooding: Bridges and Landings Close, Tributary Dam Destroyed

Flood waters rushing through the Dalles. (National Park Service photo)

A freak flood like the one in July can seriously disrupt how we are able to use and enjoy the St. Croix.

5. Watch: Videos Show Several Views of the St. Croix’s Flood Crest

Pilot Alex Murphy shared video of the St. Croix River while flying upriver on Friday, July 15. It also provided a chance to share how global warming is making the chance of such extreme rainstorms more likely in our region.

6. Four-Foot St. Croix River Catfish Sets New Catch-and-Release Record

Steven DeMars of Stillwater with the record flathead catfish in the St. Croix River (Photo courtesy MN DNR)

Steven DeMars of Stillwater caught, measured, photographed and released a 47-inch flathead catfish in June, setting a new state record for the class.

7. New Owners of Lakeland Boat Landing Seek to Celebrate God on the St. Croix

A spring day at Beanie’s at Maui’s (Photo by Greg Seitz)

A married couple is seeking to purchase a popular landing on Lake St. Croix and use it for religious outreach.

8. VIDEO: Running Water, Falling Snow

As a snowstorm hit the lower St. Croix River valley in February, the springs of the Boom Site continued to spill into the ice-covered river. This video captured a little of the beauty.

9. Record-Sized Sturgeon Caught Near Stillwater

Huge St. Croix River sturgeon.
Will Spychalla and Carlin Salmela with their 75″, approximately 115-pound lake sturgeon. (Photo courtesy Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle)

This story is from 2015 but was still one of the most viewed articles on St. Croix 360 this year!

10. Dangerous ice conditions at Stillwater bridge construction site

View of Pier 12, closest to Wisc. land. Tug boats are breaking ice within the bridge construction zone and downstream near Bayport to keep the waterway open. Crews can only access Piers 10 and 11 in the middle of the river by boat. Tower construction continues at these pier locations.
View of Pier 12, closest to Wisc. land. (Photo from Dec. 22, via St. Croix Crossing Facebook page)

Safety first!


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Top 10 St. Croix River stories of 2016