‘End of the Road’ for Log House Landing

City Council will decide tonight about plan to preserve the popular and rustic river landing.




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Via Friends of Log House Landing:

Log House Landing“The Council needs to know that the concern for preserving this landing and make minimal changes is still important. Every option will be considered, and the city administrator is still promoting a wide and paved road. We need to show the Council that people continue to care what happens. A room full of people is an effective way of communicating that.”
– Friends of Log House Landing spokeswoman Pam Plowman Smith

The Scandia City Council has granted us one last Log House Landing presentation this week: Wednesday, July 1 Workshop Meeting at 6:30 pm at the Scandia Community Center.

The Council plans to make a decision about the Log House Landing road width and surface at this meeting. Despite all the public input, the City Administrator is still recommending an asphalt road with curb and gutter that will be more than 30’ wide in much of the lower road.

This plan is more than double the current width! It is far more impactful and expensive than it needs to be.

If the Council votes to expand and pave this road, we will lose many, many mature trees and much vegetation. There will be no going back – this historic and rustic road in the middle of our National Park will become a wide suburban concrete street.

Every other stakeholder has expressed a desire for minimal improvements – the Watershed Board, the National Park Service, the St. Croix River Association, and the community.

The Watershed Board has reviewed our presentation and has agreed that our two options for a narrow and aggregate surface are sufficient to address the erosion and sedimentation issues. They support our proposal.

The City should not widen and pave this road when there are much more environmentally sensitive and cost effective ways to solve the problems.

This is our time. This is our issue. You can make a difference!

Come to the meeting and show the Scandia City Council that you care about what happens to the Log House Landing!

6:30 p.m.,  July 1
Scandia Community Center
727 209th Street North, Scandia

Editor’s Note: Read the Country Messenger’s recent editorial on the issue here.