Art workshop: Make prints using natural objects

A class at Arcola Mills on September 22 will teach unique methods for creating artistic prints with plant material collected in the woods.




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Via Arcola Mills:

Purple Trillium, by Laurie Rockne
Purple Trillium, by Laurie Rockne

Update: It appears the workshop is now full.

Use nature samples gathered from the Arcola woods to create your own art prints. Using the technique developed by artist Lauri Rockne, learn how the energy of various plants react in living color with fabric dyes on paper. Take time while your prints dry to enjoy the woods or a riverside discussion with the artist.

Lauri Rockne is a renowned artist, print maker and naturalist who wants her art to feel like “the wonderment of discoveries during a long walk in the woods.”  As a naturalist, she wants to share the excitement of finding the signs of life all around us in the woods.   An artist, she works in a wide array of media and with natural materials that can be found both in the woods and backyards. “I want my art to open you to the unexpected and leave you with a fabulous ahhhh.”

September 22, 2012
$15, plus $7.50 in materials
Visit this link for details and to sign up.