Support the St. Croix on Give to the Max Day

Donate to the St. Croix River Association and help protect the river.




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St. Croix Dalles
Photo by Gary Noren

Why do you love the river?  Is it the way the sun hits the water or the feel of the current when you paddle?  Is it your favorite fishing hole?

Think about what draws you to the water and what you gain from your experiences.  Then, November 16, make a contribution to the St. Croix River Association (SCRA) on Give to the Max Day.

SCRA is celebrating its 100th anniversary and, in honor of their centennial, the goal is 100 donors giving $100 dollars each.  Can’t quite swing $100?  Give $10, give $20 – any amount gets them closer to their end goal of $10,000.  Give because you want the St. Croix to endure as one of our nation’s greatest and most scenic waterways.

We’re not making more rivers – let’s use what we have well and use it wisely.   On 11/16, click and give.