Native plant sales are an opportunity to help protect clean water

Buy plants that are easy to maintain and which help prevent erosion and runoff at two events in September.




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This fall, local native plant nurseries are collaborating with Wild Ones and the City of Woodbury to provide two opportunities for area residents to browse and purchase a wide variety of natives all in one location.

Native plants help clean water naturally since they generally have deep root systems that anchor soil and act as filters, collecting dirty run-off from streets and rooftops, and separating out pollutants while absorbing water and decreasing flooding. They are well adapted to Minnesota’s climate, require no fertilizers or pesticides, and don’t need to be watered once they are established. Native flowers, shrubs and trees provide food and habitat for wildlife and attract birds and butterflies.

To find the best plants for your yard, as well as garden designs, and local retailers selling native plants throughout the year, visit Blue Thumb’s website.

September 10, 9am-1pm at Woodbury City Hall

Local growers Cedar Hill Natives, Dragonfly Gardens, Landscape Alternatives, Natural Shore Technologies, and Outback Nursery will have plants available for purchase. More information »

September 17, 10am-2pm at Washington County Fairgrounds Pavilion

The St. Croix Oak Savanna Chapter of Wild Ones, a non-profit organization that promotes biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities, will be offering a selection of native plants from a variety of area native nurseries. More information »

Learn how planting for clean water can help fish.


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2 responses to “Native plant sales are an opportunity to help protect clean water”

  1.  Avatar

    Get there early for the Wild Ones sale on Saturday. Last week I got to the Woodbury Native Plant sale at 11am and many of the plants were already sold out!

  2. Karl Ruser Avatar

    Why wait for a “plant sale”? Native plant nurseries like Landscape Alternatives are open every day, all season long with more selection and expert help than you will find at a one-day “plant sale”. Check them out and support local business.