Wind blows, bison run: Belwin hosts herd and haiku

Citizen poets pen short verses on the Afton prairie as event welcomes back the big brown beasts for another summer.




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From ArtReach St. Croix, St. Croix 360, and Belwin Conservancy. Poems written by people who attended Belwin Conservancy’s 2019 Bison Festival on May 18, 2019. Thank you to Heather Rutledge of ArtReach St. Croix!

Very very cold
but want to see the Bison
but still very cold
– Oliver

It’s colder than heck
good music activities
release buffalo
– Greg Kleese

Katie Bloome and kids
Will and Penny watch bison
Rigel Bloome and kids
– Grandpa Kleese

Bison hugs Susan
Susan needs hugs on rain days
Prairies need rain days
– Heather Rutledge

We barely made it!
Bison buggy in the cold
welcome to Belwin
– Brandon Pedersen

kids play with the dirt
waiting for bison to come
the universe smiles
– Kathy Sidles

Grasshopper sparrow

This field, two timelines
practicing Resurrection
welcome strong bison
– Nick Voss

A raccoon jumps high
then a frog jumps in after him
Birds chases the Frog
– Audrey, Age 4

Big machines Rock – O
Dig deep, build High, fall apart
we are all just dirt
– Katie Seitz

Bison run around
at last free from the trailer
feel cold air at last
– Linnea

Fingers wrap the oar
bones from Prairie Life, perfect
bison scapula
– Cole W. Williams

When things aren’t so warm
why don’t you go on inside
where there is no wind
– George

Winding path ahead
steady beat of breath and feet
birds chirp, Wind Blows, run
– Shawna Stich

Hunched against the cold
stay warm with art food folks
but bison don’t mind
– Greg Seitz


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Wind blows, bison run: Belwin hosts herd and haiku