#6 & #7 – Tuesday two-for-one

Kick off the final week of the hunt with a whole lot of helpful hints.




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We didn’t post yesterday due to the holiday, so here is a twofer! And the bonus clue from Friday’s mystery photo is provided for everyone who didn’t guess it.

#6 – Fun guys

Hop the fence that trends with a latitude
The fun guys you find there
are well more than 50 paces off the mark

#7 – Geriatric fruit

A tautonym in a tree,
will tell you that
Sam bucus nearby
likes not the light of the loot

Bonus clue

Congratulations to everyone who guessed a loggerhead shrike cached the vole in that bush to eat later! 

Like the handiwork of the shrike,
Who is black and white but really gray,
So is the treasure which is in the dirt
But not in the ground


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#6 & #7 – Tuesday two-for-one