Video: Catching and releasing more big St. Croix sturgeon

Northwoods Angling crew spends another night fishing and filming on the ice, getting an up-close look at one of the river’s most enigmatic species.




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It’s a “tall task to ask for a 60-incher” but the fishermen from Northwoods Angling ask for it and manage to deliver twice in one night in their latest video. A couple weeks ago, they showed what it’s like to land a five-foot fish through a hole in the ice, and now they return to Lake St. Croix, landing numerous specimens of the biggest fish that live in Minnesota.

The passionate anglers note that all fish were “released to swim another day.”

Lake sturgeon are sometimes called the “dinosaurs of freshwater fish,” as they show up in fossil records about 100 million years ago. They have been known to live more than 100 years.





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Video: Catching and releasing more big St. Croix sturgeon