Water should be blue, not green

Algae blooms broke out in the river last week during the hot weather. Planting rain gardens can help keep the river clean and healthy.




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During a spell of hot weather like much of the St. Croix River area experienced last week, the river is a the perfect place to cool off. Unfortunately, it’s just the kind of weather that can also make the water unappealing for swimming.

Jennifer Brigham shared the photo below of an algae bloom in St. Mary’s Point, Minnesota¬†on July 18, caused by excess phosphorus in the water and the hot weather.

St. Mary's Point algae bloom on the St. Croix River
St. Mary's Point algae bloom, photo by Jennifer Brigham

Not only does algae make the water unwelcoming for swimmers, excess algae also consumes oxygen, potentially killing fish. Phosphorus comes from runoff through storm sewers from yards, streets and fields, carrying material including fertilizer and grass clippings.

You can help keep the river clean by planting for clean water. Check out the “Save the Fish … Them Eat ‘Em” page for information about planting rain gardens and other steps.

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