Contest seeks slogan for billboard opposed to large-scale livestock operations

Group working along St. Croix River tributary also offers update on CAFO application.




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Past billboard sponsored by opponents of proposed hog facilities. (Courtesy KnowCAFOs)

Since our billboard campaign was so successful, we would like to have you put on your thinking caps and come up with some cool words that we could put on one of our billboards. The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate donated by The Watershed Cafe, a sustainable local community restaurant in Osceola, Wisconsin. Keep in mind that we can’t use naughty words, but we really like sarcasm, humor and metaphors. The Billboard Slogan Contest ends at midnight September 15, 2022.

Many people have asked us how they can support us. All donations really help, for instance putting a new skin on a billboard is fairly expensive, but getting those brain cells geared up could be very interesting. We will post the best ones on the website and inform you when they’re there.

While the Cumberland CAFO has not yet finalized its application, it appears that most of the pieces required have been completed. Their wetland delineation was recently approved by the WIDNR and we expect a full application to be presented shortly. If the application is approved, there will be a notice period and a local listening session. Please watch the news on our web site and sign-up for email updates to stay informed on a variety of issues of importance.


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Contest seeks slogan for billboard opposed to large-scale livestock operations