Rural community rebuffs challenge to livestock rules

Wisconsin town’s supervisors reject industry claims and retains legal counsel.




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Laketown (Courtesy Town of Laketown)

In April, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) filed a notice claiming that its proxies were being harmed by the Polk County town’s new livestock ordinance. Under the ordinance, large livestock factories are required to submit plans showing how operations will protect local air, water and property.

Similar ordinances passed in towns adjacent to Laketown. This includes Trade Lake in Burnett County and Eureka in Polk County. Two other Polk County towns are considering passage.

The WMC’s proxies include a small dairy that has been fined for illegally dumping and an adult only, clothing-optional campground.

At their July 28 meeting, Laketown supervisors voted unanimously to reject the WMC’s legal claims.

In addition, they voted two to one to retain the law firms of Bassford Remele and Fredrikson Byron to jointly respond to any legal action by WMC.

Lisa Doerr is a farmer in Laketown and past candidate for Polk County Supervisor.


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Rural community rebuffs challenge to livestock rules