Bird lovers encourage “lights out” during migration season

Property owners can dim and turn off lights at night to help birds find their way to breeding grounds.




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Yellow warbler (safechrislaurie/iNaturalist)

Did you know that a a simple flick of a switch can save the lives of birds? It’s easy, plus it saves energy and saves you money!

The St. Croix River is part of Mississippi Flyway. Migrating birds are flying overhead in the Stillwater area from March 15 to May 31 (now!) and from August 15 to October 31, navigating by the stars. Excessive bright lights can confuse them, lead them off the flyway, and cause collisions with buildings.  

So here’s our ask. Simply dim or turn off non-essential lights every night from midnight til dawn during migration season. Don’t compromise safety! But just remove as much light as you can. 

The “Lights Out” program is one of the best practices for a Bird City, an honor Stillwater was given by the Minnesota Audubon Society last year.

Sign up today through the Audubon link below and thank you for saving our migrating birds!

To sign up, click here.

Allison McGinnis is team lead of Stillwater Bird City, Sustainable Stillwater MN. If you love birds and can volunteer or donate to the cause, contact


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Bird lovers encourage “lights out” during migration season