Minnesota state parks scheduled to close for special deer hunts

Check the calendar of when parks in the St. Croix Valley will be closed for short periods or have limited access.




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Via the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources:

Whitetail deer (Photo by matthewt6416 via iNaturalist)

Numerous hunts are scheduled to take place at Minnesota state parks this fall, as a way to help control the deer population in the parks. Our goal is to ensure healthy natural communities. If too many deer are in one area, the native plants and animals are negatively affected.

Access to the parks varies around the state during these hunts. Some state parks remain open to all visitors, some have limited public access, and some are open only to hunters with special permits.

This site provides information to non-hunters during the hunt season. If you are a hunter, you’ll find more information here. Stay safe during hunting season!

If you will be visiting a state park during hunting season:

  • Wear blaze orange or other brightly colored clothing, even if you will not be hunting.
  • Check with the park office when you arrive, to see if there is any additional hunt-related information.
  • Watch carefully for any hunt-related signage in the park, and follow it!

St. Croix Valley state park deer hunting schedules

AftonCLOSEDYouth11/7 to 11/8Firearms
BanningLIMITEDYouth10/31 to 11/1Firearms
Special permit
Special permit
10/31 to 11/1
11/19 to 11/22
12/2 to 12/6
Wild RiverCLOSEDSpecial permit11/7 to 11/8Firearms
William O’BrienCLOSEDSpecial permit11/14 to 11/15Firearms