Haiku on the Kinni: River-inspired poems penned at Art Fair

Read the words of people who stopped by ArtReach St. Croix Mobile Art Gallery at the annual festival in River Falls earlier this month.




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Courtesy ArtReach St. Croix:

Written by attendees at the Art on the Kinni art fair in River Falls, Wisconsin.

Syndie Sorenson of ArtReach St. Croix welcomes amateur poets to the Mobile Art Gallery at Art on the Kinni.

Slow rolling pebbles
Water weaving, making sand
Time flows in water
(Mark Hardy)

I enjoy popcorn.
It is my favorite food.
I also like sushi.

River flow by me
Canoe out from under me
Not my drink water
(Gil Gragert)

I’m in the beautiful River Falls
with my wonderful host family,
an awesome day!
(Juhyeon Park)

Fluffy tails wag.
New friends to meet everywhere.
No time for the art.
(Donna Lenius & Leo the dog)

A long rushing creek
Amid Artful shopping crowds
Black/white dog snoozes
(Waldo the dog & Vera Ming Wong)

Endlessly flowing
Traveling through sun and moonlight
Destined for ocean

Humpp, 5 syllables
This is 7 syllables
Brown trees, brown leaves, yay
(Oliver, age 8)

I had a nice day
fly fishing on the Kinni.
Such a good fun time.

Lovin’ the Kinni
So many faces and bugs
soakin’ up the sun.
(Shelly Pierson)

Ella and Wyatt
a part of my heart.
Forever in love.

Chrysalides hatch
Butterflys flutter by me
And the flowers, Fall
(Melynda Gilberg)

Bitten by a tick
Denied insurance too long
Now I have the cure.

Rain on the river
what color, transparent
the trout moves through?

Life’s winding river
seen from a bird’s eye above
flowing without care
(Janice Schulz)