High Water Watch: No-Wake, Closed Landings, Calls for Caution

Stillwater scene on April 15, 2014

Spring runoff has flooded the river out of its banks, affecting early-season river users.

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Riding the River Again

Lower Dalles

We canoe the St. Croix for the first time this year, finding it flooded and quiet.

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Wandering along the River on a Wintry First Day of Spring

St. Croix Springtime Spring Creek

Three poems, four photos, one video, and a bit of St. Croix River conservation history to mark the vernal equinox.

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Haiku poets show love for St. Croix and exasperation at snowy spring


Partiers at an ArtReach St. Croix fundraiser wrote short poems inspired by the river and the seasons.

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Photos: Slow-moving season at the St. Croix Boom Site


A short hike between the sandstone cliffs and the river reveal solitude and early spring scenery.

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Photos: Kayaking season already underway for one paddler

ayaking in Dead Man's Slough

Sean Samec sent photos of an early season outing on the river at Marine on St. Croix.

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